Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Saint Pavl to the Thessalonians

He desireth their praiers, 4 and inculcateth his precepts and traditions namely of working quietly for their owne liuing, commanding to excommunicate the disobedient.
1. FOR the rest, Brethren, pray for vs, that the word of God may haue course and be glorified, as also with you:
2. and that we may be deliuered from importunate and naughtie men. For al men haue not faith.
3. But our Lord is faithful, who wil confirme and keep you from euil.
4. And we haue confidence of you in our Lord, that the things which we command, both you doe, and wil doe.
5. And our Lord direct your harts in the charitie of God, and patience of Christ.
6. And we denounce vnto you, Brethren, in the name of our Lord Iesvs Christ, that you withdraw your selues from euery Brother walking inordinately, and not according to the tradition which they haue receiued of vs.
7. For your selues know how you ought to imitate vs: for we haue not been vnquiet among you:
8. neither haue we eaten bread of any man gratis, but in labour & in toile night and day working, lest we should burden any of you.
9. Not as though we had not authoritie: but that we might giue our selues a paterne vnto you for to imitate vs.
10. For also when we were with you, this we denounced to you, that if any wil not worke, neither let him eate.
11. For we haue heard of certaine among you that walke vnquietly, working nothing, but curiously medling.
12. And to them that be such we denounce, & beseech them in our Lord Iesvs Christ, that working with silence, they eate their owne bread.
13. But you, Brethren faint not wel-doing.
14. And if any obey not our word, note him by an epistle:
15. and doe not companie with him, that he may be confounded: and doe not esteem him as an enemie, but admonish him as a Brother.
16. And the Lord of peace himself giue you euerlasting peace in euery place. Our Lord be with you al.
17. The saluation, with mine owne hand, Paules: which is a signe in euery epistle. So I write.
18. The grace of our Lord Iesvs be with you al. Amen.