Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Pavl to the Corinthians

By his troubles in Asia he comforteth them: and (against his aduersaries the false Apostles of the Iewes) alleageth to them the testimonie of his owne and also of their conscience, 17. answering them that obiected lightnes against him, for not comming to Corinth according to his promise.
1. PAVL an Apostle of Iesvs Christ by the wil of God, and Timothee our Brother: to the Church of God that is at Corinth, with al the Saints that are in al Achaia.
2. Grace vnto you and peace from God our Father, & from our Lord Iesvs Christ.
3. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Iesvs Christ, the Father of mercies and God of al comfort,
4. who comforteth vs in al our tribulation; that we also may be able to comfort them that are in al distresse, by the exhortation wherewith we also are exhorted of God.
5. For as the passions of Christ abound in vs: so also by Christ doth our comfort abound.
6. And whether we be in tribulation, for your exhortation & salutation: whether we be exhorted, for your exhortation & saluation, which worketh the toleration of the same passions which we also doe suffer:
7. and our hope is firme for you: knowing that as you are partakers of the passions, so shal you be of the consolation also.
8. For we wil not haue you ignorant, Brethren, concerning our tribulation which happened in Asia, that we were pressed aboue measure aboue our power, so that it was tedious vnto vs euen to liue.
9. But we in our selues, had the answer of death, that we be not trusting in our selues, but in God who raiseth vp the dead,
10. who hath deliuered and doth deliuer vs out of so great dangers: in whom we hope that he wil yet also deliuer vs,
11. you helping withal in praier for vs, that by many mens persons, thankes for that guift which is in vs, may be giuen by many in our behalfe.
12. For our glorie is this, the testimonie of our conscience, that in simplicity and sincerity of God, and not in carnal wisedom, but in the grace of God we haue conuersed in this world: and more aboundantly towards you.
13. For we write no other things to you then that you haue read and know. And I hope that you shal know vnto the end:
14. as also you haue knowen vs in part, that we are your glorie, as you also ours in the day of our Lord Iesvs Christ.
15. And in this confidence I would first haue come to you, that you might haue a second grace:
16. and by you passe into Macedonia, and againe from Macedonia come to you, and of you be brought on my way into Iewrie.
17. Whereas then I was thus minded, did I vse lightnes? Or the things that I mind, doe I mind according to the flesh, that there be with me, It is and It is not?
18. But God is faithful, because our preaching which was to you, there is not in it, It is, and, it is not.
19. For the Sonne of God Iesvs Christ, who by vs was preached among you, by me and Syluanus and Timothee, was not, It is, and, It is not, but, It is, was in him.
20. For al the promises of God that are, in him It is: therfore also by him, Amen to God, vnto our glorie.
21. And he that confirmeth vs with you in Christ, and that hath anointed vs, God:
22. who also hath sealed vs, and giuen the pledge of the Spirit in our harts.
23. And I cal God to witnesse vpon my soul, that sparing you, I came not any more to Corinth,
24. not because we ouer-rule your faith: but, we are helpers of your ioy. For in the faith you stand.