Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Pavl to the Corinthians

By the example of the poore Macedonians he exhorteth them to conribute largely vnto the Church of Hierusalem, 7. & by praising of them, 9. and by the example of Christ, 14. and by their owne spiritual profit in being partakers of that Churches merits, 16. and by commending the Collectours that he sendeth.
1. AND we doe you to vnderstand, Brethren, the grace of God, that is giuen in the Churches of Macedonia,
2. that in much experience of tribulation they had aboundance of ioy, & their very deep pouertie abounded vnto the riches of their simplicitie,
3. for according to their power (I giue them testimonie) and aboue their power they were willing,
4. with much exhortation requesting vs the grace and communication of the ministerie that is done toward the Saints.
5. And not as we hoped, but their owne selues they gaue, first to our Lord, then to vs by the wil of God:
6. in so much that we desired Titus, that as he began, so also he would perfit in you this grace also.
7. But as in al things you abound in faith, and word, & knowledge, & al carefulnes, moreouer also in your charitie towards vs, that in this grace also you may abound.
8. I speake not as commanding: but by the carefulnes of others, approuing also the good disposition of your charitie.
9. For you know the grace of our Lord Iesvs Christ, that for you he was made poore, wheras he was rich; that by his pouertie you might be rich.
10. And in this point I giue counsel: for this is profitable for you, which haue begun not only to doe, but also to be willing, from the yeare past:
11. But not performe ye it also in deed: that as your mind is prompt to be willing, so it may be also to performe, of that which you haue.
12. For if the wil be prompt, it is accepted according to that which it hath, not according to that which it hath not.
13. For not that other should haue ease, and you tribulation: but by an equalitie.
14. Let in this present time your aboundance supplie their want: that their aboundance also may supplie your want, that there be an equalitie
15. as it is written: He that had much abounded not: and he that had litle, wanted not.
16. And thankes be to God, that hath giuen the self-same carefulnes for you in the hart of Titus,
17. for that he admitted indeed exhortation: but being more careful, of his owne wil he went vnto you.
18. We haue sent also with him the Brother, whose praise is in the Ghospel through al Churches:
19. & not only that, but also he was ordeined of the churches fellow of our peregrination, for this grace which is ministred of vs to the glorie of our Lord, and our determined wil:
20. auoiding this, lest any man might reprehend vs in this fulnes that is ministred of vs.
21. For we prouide good things not only before God, but also before men.
22. And we haue sent with them our Brother also, whom we haue proued in many things often to be careful: but now much more careful, for the great confidence in you,
23. either for Titus which is my fellow and Coadiutor toward you, or our Brethren Apostles of the Churches, the glorie of Christ.
24. The declaration therfore which is of your charitie and our glorying for you, declare ye toward them in the face of the churches.