Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Pavl to the Corinthians

He proceedeth to exhort them to puritie, and to receiue him into their charitie. 3. Which lest they should thinke he speaketh to accuse them, he commendeth them highly, both for their behauiour toward Titus, and for their penance which they had done vpon his other epistle.
1. HAVING therfore these promises, my Dearest, let vs cleanse our selues from al inquination of the flesh and spirit, perfiting sanctification in the feare of God.
2. Receiue vs. We haue hurt no man, we haue corrupted no man, we haue circumuented no man.
3. I speake not to your condemnation. For I said before that you are in our harts to die together and to liue together.
4. Much is my confidence with you, much is my glorying for you. I am replenished with consolation; I doe exceedingly abound in ioy in al our tribulation.
5. For also when we were come into Macedonia, our flesh had no rest, but we suffered al tribulation: without, combats; within, feares.
6. But God that comforteth the humble, did comfort vs, in the comming of Titus.
7. And not only in his comming, but also in the consolation, wherwith he was comforted among you, reporting to vs your desire, your weeping, your emulation for me, so that I reioyced the more.
8. For although I made you sorie in an epistle, it repenteth me not: albeit it repented me, seeing that the same epistle (although but for a time) did make you sorie.
9. Now I am glad: not because you were made sorie, but because you were made sorie to penance. For you were made sorie according to God, that in nothing you should suffer detriment by vs.
10. For the sorrow that is according to God, worketh penance vnto saluation that is stable: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.
11. For behold this very thing, that you were made sorie according to God, how great carefulnes it worketh in you: yea defense, yea indignation, yea feare, yea desire, yea emulation, yea reuenge, in al things you haue shewed your selues to be vndefiled in the matter.
12. Therfore although I wrote to you, not for him that did the iniurie, nor for him that suffered: but to manifest our carefulnes that we haue for you before God,
13. therfore we are comforted. But in our consolation, we did the more aboundantly reioyce vpon the ioy of Titus, because his spirit was refreshed of al you.
14. And if to him I gloried any thing of you, I am not confounded: but as we speake al things to you in truth, so also our glorying that was to Titus, is made a truth,
15. and his bowels are more aboundantly toward you: remembring the obedience of you al, how with feare and trembling you receiued him.
16. I reioyce that in al things I haue confidence in you.