Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Pavl to the Corinthians

Prosecuting the true cause which in the last chapter he gaue of his not comming, 6. he pardoneth now after some part of penance, him that fo incest he excommunicated in the last epistle, requiring them obediently to consent therevnto. 12. Then of his going from Troas in to Macedonia; God euery where giuing him the triumph.
1. AND I haue determined with my-self this same thing, not to come to you againe in sorrow.
2. For if I make you sorie; & who is it that can make me glad, but he that is made sorie by me?
3. And this same I wrote to you; that I may not, when I come, haue sorrow vpon sorrow, of the which I ought to reioyce: trusting in you al, that my ioy is the ioy of you al.
4. For of much tribulation and anguish of hart I wrote to you by many teares: not that you should be made sorie; but that you may know what charitie I haue more aboundantly toward you.
5. And if any man hath made sorrowful, not me hath he made sorrowful, but in part, that I burden not al you.
6. To him that is such a one this rebuke sufficieth that is giuen of many:
7. so that contrariewise you should rather pardon and comfort him, lest perhaps such an one be swallowed vp with ouer great sorrow.
8. For the which cause I beseech you that you confirme charitie toward him.
9. For therfore also haue I written that I may know the experiment of you, whether in al things you be obedient.
10. And whom you haue pardoned any thing, I also. For, my-self also that which I pardoned, if I pardoned any thing, for you in the person of Christ,
11. that we be not circumuented of Satan. For we are not ignorant of his cogitations.
12. And when I was come to Troas for the Ghospel of Christ, and a doore was opened vnto me in our Lord,
13. I had no rest in my spirit, for that I found not Titus my Brother, but bidding them fare wel, I went forth into Macedonia.
14. And thankes be to God, who alwaies triumpheth vs in Christ Iesvs, and manifesteth the odour of his knowledge by vs in euery place.
15. For we are the good odour of Christ vnto God in them that are saued, & in them that perish.
16. To some indeed the odour of death vnto death: but to others the odour of life vnto life. And to these thigns who is so sufficient?
17. For we are not as very many adulterating the word of God, but of sinceritie, and as of God, before God, in Christ we speak.