Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Pavl to the Corinthians

Against the false Apostles granting the infirmitie of his person, he doth notwithstanding set out the power of his Apostleship, 12 reprehending them also for chalenging to themselues the praise of other mens labours.
1. AND I Paul my self beseech you be the mildenes and modestie of Christ, who in presence indeed am humble among you, but absent am bold on you.
2. But I beseech you, that being present I need not be bold by that confidence wherwith I am thought to be bold against some: which thinke vs as though we walke according to the flesh.
3. For walking in the flesh, we warre not according to the flesh.
4. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal: but mightie to God vnto the destruction of munitions, destroying counsels,
5. and al lofitnesse extolling itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captiuitie al vnderstanding vnto the obedience of Christ,
6. and hauing in a readinesse to reuenge al disobedience, when your obedience shal be fulfilled.
7. See the things that are according to appearance. If any man haue affiance in himself, that he is Christ's: let him thinke this againe with himself, that as he is Christ's, so we also.
8. For and if I should glorie some-what more of our power, which our Lord hath giuen vs vnto edification and not to your destruction; I shal not be ashamed.
9. But that I may not be thought as it were to terrifie you by epistles
10. (for his epistles indeed, say they, are sore and vehement; but his bodily presence weake, & his speach contemptible)
11. let him this thinke that is such a one, that as we are in word by epistles, absent; such also we are indeed, present.
12. For we dare not match or compare our selues with certaine, that commend themselues: but we measure our selues in our selues, & compare our selues to our selues.
13. But we wil not glorie aboue our measure: but according to the measure of the rule, which God hath measured to vs, a measure to reach euen vnto you.
14. For not, as though we reached not vnto you, doe we extend ourselues beyond. For we are come as farre as to you in the Ghospel of Christ.
15. not glorying aboue measure in other mens labours: but hauing hope of your faith increasing, to be magnified in you according to our Rule aboundantly,
16. yea vnto those places that are beyond you, to euangelize, not in another man's Rule, to glorie in in those things that are prepared before.
17. But he that glorieth, let him glorie in our Lord.
18. For not he that commendeth himself, the same is approued; but whom God commendeth.