Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The First Epistle of Saint Pavl to the Thessalonians

Because he could not come himself, as he desired, he sent Timothee. 6 At whose returne now vnderstanding that they stand stil steadfast, notwithstanding al those persecutions, he reioyceth exceedingly: 10 praying that he may see them againe, 12 and for their increase in charitie.
1. FOR the which cause forbearing no longer, it pleased vs to remaine at Athens, alone.
2. And we sent Timothee our Brother, & the Minister of God in the Ghospel of Christ, to confirme you and exhort you for your faith,
3. that no man be moued in these tribulations: for your selues know, that we are appointed to this.
4. For euen when we were with you, we fore-told you that we should suffer tribulations, as also it is come to passe, and you know.
5. Therfore I also forbearing no longer, sent to know your faith: lest perhaps he that tempteth, hath temped you, and our labour be made vaine.
6. But now Act. 18.5. Timothee comming vnto vs from you, and reporting to vs your faith and charitie, and that you haue a good remembrance of vs alwaies, desiring to see vs, as we also you:
7. thefore we are comforted, Brethren, in you, in al our necessitie, & tribulation, by your faith,
8. because now we liue, if you stand in our Lord.
9. For what thankes-giuing can we render to God for you, in al ioy wherwith we reioyce for you before our God,
10. night and day more aboundantly praying that we may Though letters or epistles in absence giue great comfort & confirmation in faith, yet it is preaching in presence by which the faith of Christ and true religion is alwaies both begun and accomplished. see your face, and may accomplish those things that want of your faith?
11. And God himself and our Father, & our Lord Iesvs Christ direct our way to you.
12. And our Lord multiplie you, & make your charitie abound one to another, and toward al men: as we also in you,
13. to confirme your harts without blame, in holinesse, before God and our Father, in the comming of our Lord Iesvs Christ with al his Saints. Amen.