Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The First Epistle of Saint Peter the Apostle

The duties of wiues & husbands to each other. 9 None to doe or speake euil by their persecutours, 15. but to ansser them alwaies with modestie, and specially with innocencie, after the example of Christ most innocent: whose body though they killed, yet his soule liued and preached afterward to the soules in Hel (namely to those in the time of Noes floud being a figure of our Baptisme) rose againe, and ascended.
1. IN like manner also let the women be subiect to their husbands: that if any beleeue not the word, by the conuersation of the women without the word they may be wonne,
2. considering your chast conuersation in feare.
3. Whose trimming let it not be outwardly the plaiting of haire, or laying on gold round about, or of putting on vestures:
4. but the man of the hart that is hidden, in the incorruptibilitie of a quiet and a modest spirit, which is rich in the sight of God.
5. For so sometime the holy women also that trusted in God, adorned themselues, subiect to their owne husbands.
6. As Sara obeied Abraham, calling him Lord: whose daughters you are, doing wel, and not fearing any perturbation.
7. Husbands likewise, dwelling with them according to knowledge, as vnto the weaker feminine vessel imparting honour, as it were to the coheires also of the grace of life: that your praiers be not hindred.
8. And in fine al of one mind, hauing compassion, louers of the Fraternitie, merciful, modest, humble.
9. not rendring euil for euil, nor curse for curse: but contrariewise, blessing: for vnto this are you called, that you may by inheritance possesse a benediction.
10. For he that wil loue life, and see good daies, let him refraine his tongue from euil, & his lippes that they speake not guile.
11. Let him decline from euil, and doe good: let him enquire peace, & follow it:
12. because the eyes of our Lord are vpon the iust, and his eares vnto their praiers: but the countenance of our Lord vpon them that doe euil things.
13. And who is he that can hurt you, if you be emulatours of good?
14. But & if you suffer ought for iustice, blessed are ye. And the feare of them feare ye not, & be not troubled.
15. But sanctifie our Lord Christ in your harts, ready alwaies to satisfie euery one that asketh you a reason of that hope which is in you:
16. but with modestie and feare, hauing a good conscience: that in that which they speake il of you, they may be confounded which calumniate your good conuersation in Christ.
17. For it is better to suffer as doing wel (if the wil of God wil haue it so) then doing il.
18. Because Christ also died once for our sinnes, the iust for the vniust: that he might offer vs to God, mortified certes in flesh, but quickned in spirit.
19. In the which spirit comming he preached to them also that were in prison:
20. which had been incredulous sometime, when they expected the patience of God in the daies of Noe, when the arke was a building: in the which, few, that is, eight soules were saued by water.
21. Whereunto Baptisme being of the like forme now saueth you also: not the laying away of the filth of the flesh, but the examination of a good conscience toward God by the resurrection of Iesvs Christ.
22. Who is on the right hand of God, swallowing death, that we might be made heires of life euerlasting: being gone into Heauen, Angels and Potentates and Powers subiected to him.