Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The First Epistle of Saint Peter the Apostle

Now after their Baptisme, what must be their meat: 4. and being come to Christ, how happie they be aboue their incredulous Brethren, according to the scriptures also. 11. Whereupon he beseecheth them to shine in good life among the Heathen, so to procure their conuersion: 13. to be obedient subiects to higher Powers (howsoeuer some misconster Christian libertie) 14. and seruants to obey their Maisters. 19. And so, doing wel, though they suffer for it, it is very meritorious, 21. Whereas Christ also not only gaue them example, 24. but also by his death hath made them able to liue iustly.
1. LAYING away therfore al malice, and al guile, and simulations, and enuies, and al detractions,
2. as infants euen now borne, reasonable, milke without guile desire ye, that in it you may grow vnto saluation.
3. If yet you haue tasted that our Lord is sweet.
4. Vnto whom approching, a liuing stone, of men indeed reprobated, but of God elect and made honorable:
5. be ye also your selues superedified as it were liuing stones, spiritual houses a holy priesthood to offer spiritual hosts, acceptable to God by Iesvs Christ.
6. For the which cause the Scripture conteineth, Behold I put in Sion a principal corner-stone elect, pretious. And he that shal beleeue in him, shal not be confounded.
7. To you therfore that beleeue, honour: but to them that beleeue not, the stone which the builders reiected, the same is made into the head of the corner:
8. and a stone of offense, & a rocke of scandal, to them that stumble at the word, neither doe beleeue wherin also they are put.
9. But you are an elect Generation, a kingly Priesthood, a holy Nation, a people of purchase: that you may declare his vertues, which from darkenesse hath called you into his maruelous light.
10. Which sometime not a people: but now the people of God. Which not hauing obtained mercie: but now hauing obtained mercie.
11. My Dearest I beseech you as strangers & pilgrimes, to refraine your selues from carnal desires which warre against the soule,
12. hauing your conuersation good among the Gentils: that in that wherein they misreport of you as of malefactours, by the good workes considering you, they may glorifie God in the day of visitation.
13. Be subiect therfore to euery humane creature for God: whether it be to King, as excelling:
14. or to Rulers as sent by him to the reuenge of malefactours, but to the praise of the good:
15. for so is the wil of God, that doing wel you may make the ignorance of vnwise men to be dumme:
16. as free, and not as hauing the freedom for a cloke of malice, but as the seruants of God.
17. Honour al men. Loue the fraternitie. Feare God. Honour the King.
18. Seruants be subiect in al feare to your Maisters, not only to the good & modest, but also to the waiward.
19. For this is thankes, if for conscience of God a man sustaine sorrowes, suffering vniustly.
20. For what glorie is it, if sinning, and buffeted you suffer? But if doing wel you sustaine patiently, this is thanke before God.
21. For vnto this are you called: because Christ also suffered for vs leauing you an example that you may follow his steps.
22. Who did no sinne, neither was guile found in his mouth.
23. Who when he was reuiled, did not reuile: when he suffred he threatned not: but deliuered himself to him that iudged him vniustly.
24. Who himself bare our sinnes in his body vpon the tree: that dead to sinnes, we may liue to iustice. By whose stripes you are healed.
25. For you were as sheep straying: but you be conuerted now to the Pastour & Bishop of your soules.