Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Saint Peter the Apostle

As not only Prophets, but also False-prophets were in the old Testament, so now likewise there shal be Masters of Heresie, to the damnation of themselues, and of their followers. 4. And of their damnation he pronounceth by examples (as he comforteth the vertuous Catholikes or true beleeuers with the example of Lot) because of their railing at their Superiours and Prelates, their blaspheming of Catholike doctrine, their voluptuous liuing, their lecherie, their couetousnes, their manner of seducing, and the persons seduced, 20. for whom it had been lesse damnable, if they had neuer been Christians.
1. BVT there were also False-prophets in the people, as also in you there shal be lying maisters which shal bring in Sects of perdition, and denie him that hath bought them, the Lord: bringing vpon themselues speedie perdition.
2. And many shal follow their riotousnesses, by whom the way of truth shal be blasphemed.
3. And in auarice shal they with feined words make merchandise of you. Vnto whom the iudgement now long since ceaseth not: and their perdition slumbereth not.
4. For if God spared not Angels sinning: but with the ropes of Hel being drawen downe into Hel deliuered them to be tormented, that they should be reserued vnto iudgement:
5. and he spared not the original world, but kept the eight, Noe, the Preacher of iustice, bringing in the deluge vpon the world of the impious.
6. And bringing the cities of the Sodomites & of the Gomorrheites into ashes, he damned them with subuersion, putting an example of them that shal doe impiously:
7. and deliuered iust Lot oppressed by the iniurie and luxurious conuersation of the abominable men.
8. For in sight and hearing he was iust: dwelling with them who from day to day vexed the iust soule with vniust workes.
9. Our Lord knoweth to deliuer the godly from tentation, but to reserue the vniust vnto the day of iudgement to be tormented:
10. and especially them which walke after the flesh in concupiscence of vncleanesse, and contemne dominion, bold, self-pleasers: they feare not to bring in Sects, blaspheming.
11. Whereas Angels being greater in strength and power, beare not the execrable iudgement against them.
12. But these men as vnreasonable beasts, naturally tending to the snare and into destruction, in those things which they know not, blaspheming, shal perish in their corruption,
13. receiuing the reward of iniustice, esteeming for a pleasure the delights of a day: coinquinations and spots, flowing in delicacies, in their feastings rioting with you,
14. hauing eyes ful of adulterie and incessant sinne: alluring vnstable soules, hauing their hart exercised with auarice, the children of malediction:
15. leauing the right way they haue erred, hauing followed the way of Balaam of Bosor, which loued the reward of iniquitie,
16. but had a check of his madnesse, the dumme beast vnder the yoke, speaking with man's voice, prohibited the foolishnes of the Prophet.
17. These are fountaines without water, and clouds, tossed with whirle-winds, to whom the mist of darkenesse is reserued.
18. For speaking the proud things of vanitie, they allure in the desires of fleshly riotousnes, those that escape a litle, which conuerse in errour,
19. promising them libertie, whereas themselues are the slaues of corruption. For wherewith a man is ouercome, of that he is the slaue also.
20. For if flying from the coinquinations of the world in the knowledge of our Lord and Sauiour Iesvs Christ, they againe intangled with the same be ouercome: the later things are become vnto them worse then the former.
21. For it was better for them not to know the way of iustice, then after the knowledge, to turne backe from that holy commandement which was deliuered to them.
22. For, that of the true prouerb is chanced to them, The dogge returned to his vomit: and, The sow washed into her wallowing in the mire.