Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Saint Iohn the Apostle

He commendeth the Lady and her sonnes for continuing in the old faith, bidding them so to doe hereafter also, lest they lose the reward of their workes in the day of iudgement: and to loue the true beleeuers, but with Heretikes to haue no societie: expressing also the points then in controuersie.
1. THE Seniour to the Lady Elect and her children, whom I loue in truth, and not I only, but also al that haue knowen the truth,
2. for the truth which abideth in vs, and shal be with vs for euer.
3. Grace be with you, mercie, peace from God the Father, and from Christ Iesvs the Sonne of the Father in truth, and charitie.
4. I was exceeding glad, because I haue found of thy children walking in truth, as we haue receiued commandement of the Father.
5. And now I beseech thee Lady, not as writing a new commandement to thee, but that which we haue had from the beginning, that we loue one another.
6. And this is charitie, that we walke according to his commandements. For this is the commandement, that as you haue heard from the beginning, you walke in the same:
7. because many seducers are gone out into the world, which doe not confesse Iesvs Christ to haue come into flesh: this is a seducer and an Antichrist.
8. Looke to your selues, that you lose not the things which you haue wrought: but that you may receiue a ful reward.
9. Euery one that reuolteth, and persisteth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that persisteth in the doctrine, the same hath both the Father, and the Sonne.
10. If any man come to you, and bring not this doctrine, receiue him not into the house, nor say, God saue you, vnto him.
11. For he that saith vnto him, God saue you, communicateth with his wicked workes.
12. Hauing moe things to write vnto you: I would not by paper and inke: for I hope that I shal be with you, and speake mouth to mouth: that your ioy may be ful.
13. The children of thy sister elect salute thee.