Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The Second Epistle of Pavl to the Corinthians

He proceedeth exhorting them to the foresaid contribution, 3 to verifie his commending of them. 6. and to doe it liberally, that so they may merit the more, and God be the more praised.
1. FOR concerning the ministerie that is done toward the Saints, it is superfluous for me to write vnto you.
2. For I know your prompt mind: for the which I glorie of you to the Macedonians: That Achaia also is ready from the yeare past, and your emulation hath prouoked very many.
3. But I haue sent the Brethren, that the thing which we glorie of you, be not made void in this behalfe, that (as I haue said) you may be ready:
4. lest when the Macedonians shal come with me, and find you vnready, we (that we say not, ye) may be ashamed in this substance.
5. Therfore I thought it necessarie to desire the Brethren that they would come to you, and prepare this blessing before promised, to be ready so, as a blessing, not as auarice.
6. And this I say, he that soweth sparingly, sparingly also shal reap: and he that soweth in blessings, of blessings also shal reap.
7. Euery one as he hath determined in his hart, not of sadnes or of necessitie.
8. For God loueth a cheerful giuer.
9. And God is able to make al grace abound in you: that in al things alwaies hauing al sufficiencie, you may abound vnto al good workes,
10. as it is written: He distributed, he gaue to the poore: his iustice remaineth for euer.
11. And he that ministreth seed to the sower, wil giue bread also for to eate: and wil mulitplie your seed and wil augment the increases of the fruits of your iustice:
12. that being enriched in al things, you may abound vnto al simplicitie, which worketh by vs thankes-giuing to God.
13. Because the ministerie of this office doth not only supplie those things that the Saints want, but aboundeth also by many thankes-giuings in our Lord,
14. by the proofe of this ministerie, glorifying God in the obedience of your confession vnto the Ghospel of Christ, and in the simplicitie of communicating vnto them, and vnto al,
15. and in their praying for you, being desirous of you because of the excellent grace of God in you.
16. Thankes be to God for his vnspeakeable guift.