Original Douay Rheims Bible (1582 & 1610)

The First Epistle of Saint Pavl to the Thessalonians

He calleth euen themselues to witnes, that his preaching vnto them was as he said, in most most commendable manner. 13 And againe on the other side he thanketh God for their manner of receiuing it: that is, with al ioy, notwithstanding the persecution of their owne citizens.
1. FOR your selues know, Brethren, our entrance vnto you, that it was not vaine:
2. but A notable example for Catholike Preachers, and passing comfortable, when in the middes of persecution and reproches they preach sincerely, to please God & not men. hauing suffered before and Act. 16,12. 23. been abused with contumelies (as you know) at Philippi, we had confidnce in our God, to speake vnto you the Ghospel of God in much carefulnes.
3. For our exhortation was not of errour, nor of vncleannesse, nor in deceit:
4. but as we were approued of God that the Ghospel should be committed to vs, so we speake: not as pleasing men, but God, who proueth our harts.
5. For neither haue we been, at any time in the word of adulation, as you know; nor in occasion of auarice, God is witnes:
6. nor seeking glorie of men, neither of you, nor of others.
7. Whereas we might haue been a burden to you, as the Apostles of Christ; but we became milde. children in the middes of you, as if a nource should cherish her children:
8. so hauing a desire to you, we would gladly deliuer vnto you not only the Ghospel of God, but also our owne soules: because you are become most deare vnto vs.
9. For you are mindful, Brethren, of Act. 20,34.
1. Cor. 4,12.
2. Thes. 3.
our labour and toile. Day and night working, lest we should charge any of you, we preached among you the Ghospel of God.
10. You are witnesses and God, how holily, and iustly & without blame, we haue been to you that did beleeue.
11. As you know in what manner we desiring and comforting you, haue adiured euery one of you (as a father his children) that you would walke worthie of God, who hath called you into his Kingdome and glorie.
12. The Epistle for manie Martyrs Aug 8. Therfore we also giue thankes to God without intermission: because that when you had receiued of vs the word of the hearing of God, you receiued it not as the word of men, but ( as it is indeed) The word of God.
Not only the written word is the word of God.
The Aduersaries wil haue no word of God but that which is written and conteined in the Scripture: but here they might learne that al Paules preaching before he wrote to them, was the very word of God. They might also learne that whatsoeuer the lawful Apostles, Pastours, and Priests of God's Church preach in the vnitie of the same Church, is to be taken for God's owne word, & ought not to be reputed of them for doctrines of men or Pharisaical traditions, as they falsly cal canons, precepts, and decrees of holy Church.
the word of God, who worketh in you that haue beleeued.
13. For you, Brethren, are become followers of the Churches of God that be in Iewrie, in Christ Iesvs: for you also haue suffered the same things of your owne lineage, as they also of the Iewes,
14. who both killed our Lord Iesvs, and the Prophets, and haue persecuted vs, and please not God, and are aduersaries to al men,
15. prohibiting vs to speake to the Gentils that they may be saued, to make vp their sinnes alwaies. For the wrath of God is come vpon them euen to the end.
16. But we, Brethren, ἀποϱφανισθέντες. depriued of you for a short time, in sight, not in hart; haue hastned the more aboundantly to see your face with much desire.
17. For we would haue come to you, I Paul certes, once and againe: but Satan hath hindred vs.
18. For what is our hope, or ioy, or crowne of glorie? If the Apostle without iniurie to God, in right good sense cal his scholers the Thessalonians, his hope, ioy, glorie; why blaspheme the Protestants the Cath. Church and her children for terming our B. Ladie or other Saints, their hope, for the special confidence they haue in their praiers? Are not you, before our Lord Iesvs Christ in his comming?
19. For you are our glorie and ioy.